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Translations to Russian

Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:30 pm

The main purpose of this site is to help bring the community of the Danish-Norwegian faction together. It must be acknowledged in that regard that Danmark-Norge has a number of primarily Russian clans and that a significant portion of our community is Russian speaking. I would like this forum to be a place for the Russian speaking players too.
I cannot, unfortunately, translate the entire site into Russian. There are tools that allow this for the most part, but they are currently beyond my skill level to use. At a later time, maybe, if enough players adopt this site and find it useful.

However I would like to have most of the content of the site be available in Russian. I do not speak Russian (yet) and I do not trust Google Translate with this, herefore I need the help of others.

Initially I need help translating the board index:

Editable link

For hopefully greater ease translations can be edited straight into the document via the edit link.

About  >
 Website >
  (Work in progress) Questions, suggested changes and bug reports about goes here >
 Forum >
  Please post here issues, questions and bugs you encounter when browsing this forum >
 Translation >
  Help with translations here >

 Tavern > Таверна
  Get drunk and pour your heart out to the barmaid >
 Nation News >
  Info and News about the faction >
 Embassy > Посо́льство
  For diplomatic missions from other factions >
 Operations & Tactics >
  Tactics, planning and reviewing fleet operations >
 Councillors' Forum > Сенат
  Forum for Council of Danmark-Norge >
 Bazaar >
  Marketplace to buy/sell labour hours, resources, etc. >
 Shipyard >
  Forum about crafting and shipbuilding >

Fleets and Companies >
 Recruitment >
  Present yourself and apply for membership in a clan here >
Naval Action
 Naval College >
  Guides, tips, tricks & questions about game mechanics >
 History >
  Discuss the history surrounding the game >
 Navigation and Cartography >
  Maps and Open World Navigation >
 Ships >
  About ships >
 Patch Notes >
  The official Patch Notes >
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Re: Translations to Russian

Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:37 pm

The descriptions in Russian do not have to be direct translations. They should convey the purpose of the forum. It's made slightly more difficult by the fact that the descriptions in English is still under review. I haven't conveyed efficiently enough in English the purpose of each forum. I am very open to suggestions for improvement there. For now if I get good descriptions in Russian, they will stand even if the English description changes.

Nation News - 
For confirmed Danish captains to discuss national policy - 
     Tribunal - Трибунал
     Submit picture proof of ungentlemanly actions and treaty violations by other nations or other danes. 

Naval College
Description: Get help educating yourself about the game and game mechanics.